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Frequently asked questions

Why join one of Reykjavik Bike Tour's bicycle tours? We like to think we offer the best guided tours available in Reykjavik and day trips from Reykjavik. We love what we do and we're confident you'll love what we do!

Why use a bike when I can walk? You'll get to see places just outside most people's walking range and it is a great way to travel.

Why use a bike when I can take a bus? You'll see places bypassed by tour busses and the groups are small. On a bicycle you have time to absorb all the details along the way, because they're not whizzing by. You do not smell diesel fumes, the windows are always clean and the air-conditioning always works.

Why use a guide instead of a map? A guide brings the places to life and answers your questions.

Who will be my guide? Ursula and Stefan guide most tours. Together they have more than 30 years experience as professional tourist guides / tour managers and storytellers. In exceptional cases we ask one of our tourist guide friends (certified by the Iceland Tourism Board) to help us out. We'll tell you uncensored stories only locals can tell. Meet your guide!

What languages do you speak? All scheduled tours are conducted in English. We can arrange private tours in several different languages. Ursula of course is very happy to do private tours in her native language - German. Other languages.

Can I use my own bike on your tour? Yes! Contact us to make an arrangement.

Do you still go if it rains or snows? Yes! A bit of rain or snow does not stop us from going. We are ready if you are.

How difficult is the ride? Our guests tell us that Classic Reykjavik is easy as it is quite flat, but Coast of Reykjavik is a little harder because it covers more ground. There are some small hills but strong wind from the wrong direction can make the ride a bit harder. Golden circle is quite easy and you can always jump back onto the support (Sag-van) mini-bus. Westman Isles is a a bit hilly and many choose to push the bike up the steepest hills. Blue lagoon is fairly easy.

Who is responsible in case of a personal injury or 3rd party accident? You are. For your personal safety we lend you a helmet FREE of charge. We recommend the use of a helmet during the tour. Persons 15 years and younger are required by law to wear a helmet.

Is there always space on the tour? Our philosophy is to provide quality service to individuals and small groups. If you are a member of a group you might want to consider doing a private tour with us.

Who are the other riders in the group? Whether you ride five days a week wearing lycra and bicycle cleats or once a week in cotton shorts and tennis shoes you'll enjoy our interpretive tours. We've travelled with toddlers as well as people well into their 80's.

Are children welcome? Yes, children and infants are most welcome. Having two children of our own we understand what it takes to make children happy. A private bike tour is the best option for families with children. We have several bike sizes for children, connecting bikes and bicycle trailers.

Is there a minimum age for children? More important than age is that child can ride a bike safely in traffic and keep up with the group. Generally, we do not allow children younger than 10 years of age on our scheduled tours. On private tours there is no minimum age.

Do children get a discount? Yes, there is 50% discount for children 15 years of age and younger on our scheduled tours.

How much should I tip the guide? Tipping hardly exists in Iceland, except in the travel business. The travel business is a low income industry and a small tip encourages people to stay in the business longer and to continuously improve their service. The amount is entirely up to you. Never tip your guide for service that does't exceed your expectations.

Where do the tours start? All tours leave from our base-camp, look for two fire-engine red containers with a white corrugated iron roof over them. We're next to the whale watching companies at the Old Harbour in Reykjavik. Click here to see a Map.

What clothing should I bring? A hat and gloves (we have some extra in case you don't have), warm wind- and rainproof clothes are useful on cold/rainy days in summer. Please note that the weather in Iceland is quite changeable and unpredictable. You can expect four seasons in one day, any time of the year.

On cold days in winter we supply our guests with an overall and balaclava which keeps you warm during the ride even in temparatures below freezing. Please bring warm shoes/socks as the feet and toes are the most vulnerable part of the body to get cold.

What food and drink should I bring? There is no need to bring food or drink on our city tours because they are quite short and easy. You may want to bring water along for the "Lake Challenge", and "Westman Isles and Bike Tour". We do make apropriate food and rest stops during our day tours.

Do you supply maps? Yes, we usually have a free map of Reykjavik and Iceland at our shop. You can also prepare your route in Reykjavik or around Iceland using maps listed here.

I'm arriving in Iceland in the morning from the US or Canada, can I still make the scheduled morning tour? Yes, you should. If you're landing around 7 AM you should make it into town by 9. There are three ways to get into town. - Taxi, scheduled bus, or private transfer. Fastest would be taxi or private transfer. There are two bus companies with an office at the airport. The bus may stop at several other hotels before it stops at your hotel. You can ask to be dropped off at our place, or walk from your hotel if it is in the city center. The bottom line is, that you should be able to get into Reykjavik and get to our place before the 10 AM departure. Write us if something is not clear.

A private bike tour is affordable and a great option if you cannot make it on our scheduled tour. Here is another option for you, we do a scheduled Segway tour starting at 13:00 every day in summer.

What are you waiting for? Contact us!

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