Bicycle Rental in Reykjavik
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"We've got a wide range of bikes for rent in Reykjavik. City bikes, mountain bikes and touring bikes as well as children's bikes, connecting bikes, tandems and electric bikes, panniers, trailers and more."

– Stefan RBT.

Need a bicycle in Reykjavik? You've come to the right place! We carry a wide range of bicycles for rent to suit your bicycle needs.

Bicycle rental location in Reykjavik

Our main location in Reykjavik is at Reykjavik's Old harbour. However, due to Covid-19 we also operate from Hringbraut 107 - garage. We're only available this summer season by appointment. If you need a bicycle or tour same day, please call. If you need a bicycle but can order with some notice, please email us and Ursula will reply within 24 hours.

Bicycle rental location - Hlésgata Street by the Old Harbor, click here.


City bikes for rent regular and step-through - TREK Navigator

Bicycle Rental in Reykjavik

This is our most popular bike for the city - regular frame and step through frames available. Three sizes. Lightweight aluminium frame, front shock absorber, comfortable saddle, 21 gripshift gears easy to change, kick-stand, fenders and rear bicycle rack when requested for no additional charge.

This is one of the most comfortable bicycles available. Straight seating position means no stress on the back, or wrists. Pretty comfortable bike for pregnant women too. This is the bike we mostly use for our city tours and people love them - you will too ! Price and details.


Mountain bikes for rent - TREK Marlin 5/6 or similar

Marlin 5 - year 2019

This is a popular bicycle for trails near the city, and bicycle touring around Iceland. This bike has 21 gears, 27.5 or 29 inch wheels (depending on the size of the frame), 10 cm fork shock absorber, hydruaulic disc brakes, rear rack for panniers/luggage, kick-stand and fender. Rear rack available upon request. Price and details.


Touring/hybrid bikes for rent - TREK fx 1

Trek fx 1 2018

This bike has 27 inch wheels which is most ideal for for longer rides on hard surface such as asphalt or concrete. It can take regular gravel roads too but is not suitable for mountain biking or rough gravel roads. Kick-stand and fenders and rear rack for panniers / luggage bicycle bags (we rent panniers /luggage bags separately). Price and details.



Gravel bikes for rent - TREK ARL4/5 Checkpoint

Gravel Bike Trek

This bike has 27 inch wheels which is most ideal for for longer rides on hard surface such as asphalt or concrete. It can take regular gravel roads too but is not suitable for mountain biking or rough gravel roads. It is possible to use this bike for touring with luggage. We currently have 49, 54, 56, 58 and 61 in stock. Price and details.


Road bikes for rent - TREK 1.1


Great bike to take out on the bicycle trails along the coast of Reykjavik to get a workout or simply enjoy a leisurely ride on a fast bike. We currently have sizes 52, 54, 56 and 58 in stock. Please ask. Price and details.


Tandem bicycle for rent - Schauff

Tandem bike for rent in Reykjavik

This is a "bicycle made for two", just like in the song. This Schauff tandem is a hand made German bicycle ready for touring. Marathon tires, Magura brakes. Price and details.


Touring bikes for rent in Iceland

Touring bikes for Iceland - touring bikes for rent

We recommend the TREK Marlin5, TREK fx or ds for touring Iceland.

If you're planning to cycle on gravel most of the time then the TREK Marlin 5 is a great choice. If you're planning to cycle on asphalt most of the time the Trek fx or ds is the obvious choice. Price and details.


Electric bikes for rent in Iceland - ideal for Reykjavik's hills. We stock three models of ebikes suitable for small and large.

NEW in 2019

electric bicycle for rent

Electric assist bikes suitable for city riding. There is no luggage rack on this bike. Maximum range on one full charge is 75 km at best conditions on least assistance, and minimum is 16 km in very hilly terrain when using the greatest assistance.


NEW in 2022 - Small ebikes for rent suitable for city rides.

NEW in 2023 - Lauf gravel bikes.



Children's bikes and accessories. We have trailer for the smallest children, connecting bikes, tag-along bikes, small helmets, safety vests and children's bicycles in several sizes.

Security deposit: We accept a valid Visa or Mastercard credit card number as a security deposit for our rental bikes. If you don't have such a card, we ask for a reasonable cash deposit for the equippment rented, or your passport.


Bicycle Rental Reykjavik