Reykjavik Marathon 2022 Saturday 20 August
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Reykjavik Marathon official website.

Reykjavik Marathon 2015 winner was Bartosz Olszewski from Poland. His time was 02:29:30. Female winner was Kaisa Kukk from Estonia. Her time was 02:53:09.

Reykjavik Marathon 2014 winner was Matthew Pelletier from the USA. His time was 02:18:00. Female winner was Sarah Brown from Great Britain. Her time was 03:01:47.

Reykjavik Marathon 2013 took place Saturday 24 August. The winner was James Buis from the United Kingdom. His time was 02:33:49. Female winner was Melanie Staley from the United Kingdom. Her time was 02:55:14.

The overall winner in the 2012 Reykjavik Marathon is Arnar Petursson. Petursson also won the Reykjavik Marathon in 2011. His time in the 2012 Reykjavik Marathon was 2 hrs, 41 min and 6 sec.

Mary Brown was the first woman in the Reykjavik Marathon 2012 to finish. Her time was 3 hrs, 4 min and 3 sec.

The Reykjavik Marathon 2012 took place in Reykjavik Iceland 18 August 2012. The Marathon takes place on a Saturday as always, same date as Culture Night. This is also Reykjavik's birthday.

Reykjavik Bike Tours welcomes all Marathon runners and non-marathon runners on a bicycle tour before, during or after the marathon itself.

An easy bicycle ride is just the perfect exercise before a taxing marathon run, or as a way to get the body working again after the run.

Distances in the Reykjavik Marathon are 10 km, 21 km (half-marathon) and 42 km (full-marathon). 13.410 participated in 2012.

Photos from the Reykjavik Marathon 2012.

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