Bicycle Repair

Hjólaviðgerðir Vesturbæ – Bicycle repair shop

Hjólaviðgerðir Vesturbæ

Open: Every day from 9 to 5 from May through September (also on public holidays).


1. Tune-ups: Keep your bike running smoothly with our tune-up services, which include adjustments to brakes, gears, and other components to ensure optimal performance.

2. Flat tire repair: Don’t let a flat tire derail your adventure! Our team can quickly and expertly repair punctures and replace tubes, getting you back on the road in no time.

3. Wheel truing: Wobbly wheels can make for a bumpy ride. Let us true your wheels to ensure they spin straight and true, improving stability and ride quality.

4. Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication: Keep your bike’s drivetrain in top shape with our cleaning and lubrication services, which help to prevent wear and tear and prolong the life of your components.

5. Brake and gear adjustments: Ensure smooth shifting and reliable braking with our expert adjustments and alignments.

6. Component installation: Upgrade your ride with new components or accessories. Our team can expertly install everything from new pedals to full drivetrain upgrades.

7. Safety inspections: Prioritize safety with our thorough bike inspections, which check for worn or damaged components and potential safety hazards.

No matter the issue, you can trust our expert bicycle mechanic to provide fast, reliable, and professional bicycle repair services. We understand that your bike is more than just a means of transportation—it’s your ticket to adventure. That’s why we’re committed to keeping your bike in top shape.

Our bicycle repair service is available from May until end of September. Please call us for an appointment in winter.