Our guides love to show you a great time in Reykjavik. They can speak various different languages such as English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Hungarian, Spanish and Icelandic. All our tours are conducted in English – Other languages may be available upon request.

Edda Kristín Eiríksdóttir – Icelandic, English – With us since 2009 Edda’s hobbies include travelling, skiing, hiking and reading. She also enjoys swimming, meeting new people and spending time outdoors. Edda currently studies history, and tourism, at the University of Iceland. She studied in Malta 2010/2011. In future Edda hopes to work within the fields of history and tourism. “Edda is an expert guide who shared with us interesting facts about the country, its history and current happenings”. Trip Advisor review.

Matthias Pelz – German, English, Icelandic – With us since 2009 Matthias originally studied geography and urban planning in Germany but decided to work in tourism because it is much more fun! Cycling is his preferred mode of transport. He’s cycled around many countries in Europe. In Iceland he likes to swim in the outdoor pools which are heated with geothermal hot water – in any weather! His favourite sport is basketball and he loves reading and listening to some good Icelandic music, i.e. Bjork and Sigurros.

Steinar Þór Sveinsson – Icelandic, English, German, Danish, French – With us since 2009 Steinar Sveinsson is born and raised in Iceland. He has a real passion for his country, its nature and culture, and has been involved in the tourist industry for almost ten years. He is an accredited tourist guide by the Iceland Tourist Board. He has lived, studied and worked in various parts of the world but always returns to Iceland to travel in his beautiful country with foreign visitors. Steinar has vivid interest in different languages and cultures and therefore enjoys meeting travellers from different corners of the world. Besides travelling he enjoys good popular music and reading. He recognizes that every moment is unique and has to be ceased and that conditions can quickly change. His motto: Let’s do it now!

Christina Bohner – German, English, Icelandic – With us since 2009 Christina has many years of work experience as a guide / tour leader for various tour companies in Iceland. She spent last winter in Australia guiding for Rotel Tours. She usually spends the winter season tourguiding in Australia, Nepal, Greece and Italy. After studying Geography in Germany Christina took her first tour group around Iceland in 1999. She liked it that much that she decided to study tourguiding in Iceland. She loves the great outdoors of Iceland with it`s rough wilderness and enjoys hiking with the tent in every condition of weather. The volcanic eruption in April 2010 was a highlight! Due to her fable for the outdoors Christina thinks the bike is the best way to get around Reykjavík!

Ari Arnórsson – Icelandic, English, German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Ari is a professional accredited tourist guide by the Iceland Tourist Board and an accomplished driver-guide He knows a great deal about cars and busses. Recently he built his own custom made 25-seat bus on Ford truck chassis. Ari has been with Reykjavik Bike Tours since 2010.