Bicycle Tours for Children

Having raised two children of our own we understand what it takes to make your family’s bicycle experience most enjoyable.

Pacing the tour around the youngest member usually does the trick. We may choose safer bicycle routes from traffic point of view and include playgrounds, ice-cream shops and other things that the children may enjoy.

Family members of all ages are most welcome.

We have small, medium, large and extra tall bicycles.


We supply:

  • Trailer for infants and younger children
  • Child bike seat
  • Connecting bike 20 inch with 6 gears
  • Weehoo luxury connecting bike with comfortable seat
  • Helmets for children and high visibility vest
  • Some extra clothes such as hat, gloves, rain gear etc.
  • Bike packing gear.
  • Panniers.

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Family tours in Reykjavik.