Private Bike Tours

Reykjavik Bike Tours offers a range of quality private tours conducted by professional guides. We do private tours by bicycle, on foot, by Segway and in a vehicle.

Private Bike Tours in Reykjavik and in Iceland:

  • City tours – many options
  • Day tours – many options
  • Overland tours / multi day tours / touring
  • Start the ride when you like
  • Ride as far, as long and as fast as you want
  • Choose your travel companions
  • Children friendly – we have a child seat, connecting bike with 6 gears, a hook-up trailer, “Trail Gator” extension from parent bike to child’s bike.
  • Choose the places and sights you want to include

Price for a 2.5 hour private bike tour in Reykjavik

  • 2022 – Private bike tour from ISK 39.000 for a group of up to 2 persons, and ISK 45000 for a group of 3 or 4. For each additional rider please add ISK 7900.
  • We can serve large groups too.

Private Segway Tours in Iceland:

  • Private Segway Tours available all year in Reykjavik
  • Scheduled Segway Tours available in Reykjavik in summer
  • For schedule, prices and bookings, click here.

Private Walking Tours in Iceland:

  • Private walking tours of Reykjavik
  • General introduction to Reykjavik’s history
  • Introduction to the city’s secrets
  • Local professional guide
  • Themed walks available – history, food, culture, architecture…

Private Touring in a Vehicle in Iceland:

  • Start when you like
  • Go where you like
  • Stay in places as long as you like
  • Choose your travel companions
  • Example of private tours in a vehicle, click here.